Breaking a Lease

by Rhonda Beassie*


Student Question:  I need to move.  How do I break my lease?

Most SHSU students live in large complexes using a “standard” lease or the Texas Apartment Association lease.  Under theses leases and the Texas Property Code, one can only break their lease with limited, if any, legal and financial repercussions in three circumstances:

1)   For military service with orders , see Texas Property Code § 92.017,

2)   Family violence between occupants, see Texas Property Code § 92.016, or

3)   A situation which impacts your health and safety, see Texas Property Code § 92.052 and § 92.0561.

(See the Texas Property Code here.)

Specific timing, written notices and documentation are required in any of these circumstances.  If you believe you have a situation that falls within one of these three sections of the property code, or if you have a unique lease, please make and appointment to discuss with the SLS attorney.

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