Fake ID; what’s the worst that could happen?

Fake IDs are very common among college students younger than the drinking age (21).   Many students get fake IDs to get into bars or clubs and purchase alcohol.  They seem so harmless, don’t they?  But what happens if a person gets caught with a fake ID or even another person’s ID?  Do they just get thrown out of the bar or club?

Nope.  For starters, the Misrepresentation of Age by a Minor or use of a Fictitious License or Certificate is a Class C Misdemeanor.  This may not seem like a big deal, as it is the least serious of the criminal offenses, but if caught, you may have to pay a fine up to $500; (something college students don’t have or don’t want to part with).  More than likely you will also be required to complete a minimum of 8 hours of community service, attend a mandatory alcohol awareness classes, and may face possible driver’s license suspension.

Sadly, the potential penalties do not end there.  If your fake ID is actually an altered real ID, you can be charged with Tampering a Governmental Record; a Class A Misdemeanor.   This includes a greater risk of jail time, and it is the sort of conviction that makes it difficult to secure employment in any field where you may deal with secure information (and in today’s world, how many jobs don’t include secure info?).

Don’t think that you won’t get caught when using a fake ID.  The bars and clubs are very good at spotting fake or altered identification.  They have to be because their business depends on it.  This is not a victimless crime. If you get caught with a fake ID or a borrowed ID, the person responsible for giving you the ID gets in trouble and the bar or club could also get in trouble—so now nobody likes you 😦  Save yourself the humiliation and steer clear of any ID but your own.

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