Absentee/Early voting Ballots

Are you living at college and think you are unable to cast a vote because you can’t make it home on Election Day?  Well even though it is too late to register in your college county, if you are already registered to vote in Texas you can still vote!

Exercise your voting rights with an absentee or early voting ballot.  What is an absentee ballot? It is a vote that is cast by one who cannot make it to a polling station, such as a member of the military, or college students.   So where do you request an application for a ballot? You can actually do so online.  It’s simple.  Just fill out the information and a ballot is mailed to you. You fill out the ballot with your vote and timely mail it back to your early voting election official for your county.  Find your official here.

The last day to apply for and receive an absentee ballot is October 30. No more excuses; your vote matters.

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