What You Should Know About MIP Laws


By Stevie Hall*

As a college student, you are faced with many opportunities that have varying consequences, and if you are under the age of 21, some of these opportunities can get you in vast amounts of trouble that create a larger problem than they are worth. A minor (someone under the age of 21) who is caught in the close proximity of alcohol, whether consumed or not, can be charged with a Minor in Possession (MIP).

This may seem harmless, however, as a collegiate student building their resume in a competitive job market, something as “simple” as an MIP can affect future education and job opportunities. Let’s take a look at the class C misdemeanor punishments according to the Texas Penal Code Chapter 106.071:

-A minor can be charged with a fine up to $500, however, if they have two prior convictions to the MIP, then the fine can range $200-$2000.

-A minor can be charged with a fine up to $500, however, if they have two prior convictions to the MIP, then the fine can range $200-$2000.

-If the MIP is your first offense, community service of 8-12 hours will be ordered; however, if you have a previous conviction, your community service will range from 20-40 hours.mip2

-As a minor with a first offense, you’ll have to take an alcohol awareness class.

-If the minor have a driver’s license, the court may suspend it for 30 days (making them incapable of driving), but if the minor has not yet earned a license, the court may order it that the issuance of a license be denied for 30 days. If the minor has a previous conviction, the court can order a suspension of license for 60 days, or if two previous convictions, the suspension can last up to 180 days.

Deferred disposition may also be granted if a plea is given by the minor, meaning that probation (not exceeding 180 days) will be ordered. Certain requirements, as previously mentioned (community service, educational classes etc.), will need to be met, and if successful, the M.I.P can be dismissed; however, it will still remain on the minor’s criminal record.

If you have received a citation because of a MIP, or would like to know more information pertaining to it, call our office at (936) 294-1717, or go online to our website http://www.shsu.edu/legalservice to make an appointment.

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