Before You Click…

by Stevie Hall*

With the vast advancement of technology, copyright infringement is becoming more and more of a problem. Whether you illegally download or not, are you safe from an accusation?

A few articles have recently been released about copyright trolls that raise concern among the cyberspace population. A copyright troll is an individual or company that attempts to use litigation (legal proceedings in court), or the threat of it as a means of profit.  If you receive any type of communication from a company or law firm that suggests it’s a copyright owner, contact Student Legal & Mediation services as soon as you can.

We recommend these tips:

–          Never download anything from the internet without paying for it.

–          File sharing systems are never safe, even if they claim to be.Copyright-_all_rights_reserved

–          Receiving copyrighted material is just as illegal as downloading it.

Criminal penalties for downloading copyrighted material are expensive. Just for music, it can be up to 5 years in prison, and/or $750 (minimum, yes minimum) for each song.  One woman downloaded 24 songs, and was fined $80,000 for each song, resulting in $1.92 million in total fines.

If you are accused of illegally downloaded or sharing copyrighted material, please contact our office by phone 936-294-1717, email, or come to our office in LSC 330 to schedule an appointment. Let our office point you in the right direction.

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