Marshals in Public Schools?

by Mathew Baughman*


Beginning September 1, 2013, a new bill titled “The Protection of Texas Children Act” went into effect. This bill gives public schools the option to appoint a school marshal(s). There cannot be more than one marshal per 400 students.

The marshal:

  • Must be appointed by the board of trustees of a school district or the governing body of an open-enrollment charter school;
  • Must undergo 80 hours of training designed to:
    • emphasize strategies for preventing school shootings and for securing the safety of potential victims of school shootings;
    • educate a trainee about legal issues relating to  the duties of peace officers and the use of force or deadly force in the protection of others;
    • introduce the trainee to effective law enforcement strategies and techniques;
    • improve the trainee’s proficiency with a handgun;
    • and enable the trainee to respond to an emergency  situation requiring deadly force, such as a situation involving an active shooter.
    • Must pass a psych evaluation;
    • Will not have their identity known to students; and
    • May access a handgun only under circumstances that would justify the use of deadly force under Tex. Penal Code Ann. S 9.32 or 9.33 (West 2012).


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