The Maybe Person

By: Mathew Baughman*

In this edition of our “Dealing with Difficult Personalities” blog, we are going to talk about the Maybe Person.

The Maybe Person is simple to identify. They are passive and tend to be people pleasers. The Maybe Person will procrastinate on a decision in hopes of finding a better option. Often, this causes the decision to be made for them.

Sources of Insight outlines a few ways that you can deal with a Maybe Person:

  1. Establish a comfort zone
  2. Clarify options
  3. Use a decision making system
  4. Show them that there are no perfect decisions, and that the decision is a good one
  5. Strengthen the relationship

If you are having reoccurring conflicts with someone, come to our office for mediation. We offer free counsel and will help you find a resolution.

Call our office at (936) 294-1717, e-mail us at, or go to our website at to schedule an appointment.

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