Risk Management (Greek Life)

By: Mathew Baughman*

In the past, Student Legal & Mediation Services has created presentations for Greek Life, specifically to increase legal awareness among the students involved. Recently, Robert Wilonsky  wrote an article regarding the suspension of a fraternity at the University of Texas at Arlington.  The suspension of Sigma Phi Epsilon is said to be the result of “allegations of alcohol abuse and abuse of rules governing fraternity events.” This suspension is in effect until 2017, at which time, Sigma Phi Epsilon must file a petition to become an active chapter again.

This article highlights not only the need for risk management among collegiate students, but it emphasizes why a person(s) should follow the guidelines set by a university. Sam Houston State University’s guidelines for Greek Life can be found here. These guidelines include but are not limited to:

  • hazing;
  • the use of alcohol at chapter sponsored events;
  • harassment;
  • governance of chapters; and
  • the responsibilities of fraternities and sororities

Actions have consequences, and as this article points out, the consequences can extend to one’s group, not just individually.

What are your thoughts? Was the suspension of Sigma Phi Epsilon necessary or extreme? Let us know on our blog, Facebook, or Twitter.

Remember, if you have questions about any legal issue, schedule a confidential meeting with our attorney at 936.294.1717 or at shsu.edu/legalservice.

SLMS points Bearkats in the right direction.

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