Welcome Trent!

by Shanece Smith

Student Legal & Mediation Services would like to welcome the strong-minded, talented, and inspirational Trent Hale to the team. Trent is a transfer student majoring in Bilingual Elementary Education. Trent is from the great city of Cypress, Texas. He has a loving family, but feels a certain way toward his older brother who is a SFA Lumberjack. Through it all, however, he loves and admires his family.

hale    Trent is an amazing writer, and has a special interest and desire to help students, children, and families from different nationalities receive the same fair treatment as natural born citizens. Getting his inspiration from Desmond Tutu, a bishop dedicated to justice for all, he plans to close the achievement gap for minorities. Trent knows that in order to successfully close this gap, he must learn to communicate with the diverse populations, which is why he is studying bilingual education. He knows that knowledge is power, and to receive power you most learn knowledge, and someone who has a native language other than English should still have the same opportunity to learn and gain the knowledge as a native English speaker.

Although Trent is usually playing the role of “Superman” by trying to help where he can, Trent also enjoys playing the piano, watching soccer and collecting memorabilia of King Henry VIII. He loves anything that has an Old English feel and is even wanting to hang a portrait of King Henry VIII in his humble abode.

With Trent’s helping heart, he knows that it is easy for college students to be taken advantage of and wants to share with all students to use their resources, including Student Legal & Mediation Services. He believes that Student Legal & Mediation Services will prevent students from being oblivious to the unknown. Trent knows that knowledge is power and Student Legal & Mediation Services can give you the power.

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