WATCH OUT, Ebay-Craiglist Spoofs!


The above deal seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. This screenshot is from an email one of our students received after inquiring about a car on Craigslist. There are scams similar to this one throughout Craigslist, and we at Student Legal & Mediation Services want you to be aware and protected from scams. Here are snapshots from the real conversation the student had with the supposed owners.

After scoping out this car on Craigslist, the student contacted the number provided.


The student then had several conversations, via email, with the “owner.”text2 They informed the student that Ebay had the car in possession in Birmingham, Alabama and but made several promises to deliver the car.




After receiving the last email, the student called Ebay headquarters and spoke to them. They informed her of several things of which we would like to share with you.
• Transactions by Ebay are done through the Ebay website and ONLY that website.
• Anything that is posted on Craigslist is not being sold through Ebay.
• Every item on Ebay should be able to be looked up through, and will have an item number.
• If you are receiving emails from “Ebay” and you want to make sure they are real, forward the email to They will reply shortly afterwards and let you know if the email is from them or not.


College students want to snag a deal when they see one, but always take caution before acting on great deals.

The email below looks like a legitimate invoice from Ebay. Someone even answers when the number below is called, but it is not Ebay.

text6 text7

If you come across a deal similar to this one, one that seems too good to be true, take precaution. There is nothing wrong with being cautious and evaluating the situation. If this student wouldn’t have called Ebay headquarters, they would have lost $2000! If you encounter a deal that seems unusual, schedule an appointment with our office and let us help point you in the right direction.

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