Texas Legislature-Just For Fun

By: Margaret Mitschke*


On Monday, June 1st, the Texas Legislature ended its Regular Session. The State Bar of Texas reported that during the session, which lasted 140 days, the legislature passed 1,322 bills and 7 joint resolutions. Among these were nine resolutions that designated official places, items, and animals in Texas.

HCR 35: Designated the cowboy hat as the official State Hat of Texas;

HCR 43: Designated Dripping Springs (located west of Austin) as the Wedding Capital of Texas;

Dripping Springs Map

HCR 65: Designated the western honey bee as the official State Pollinator of Texas;

HCR 69: Designated the city of Jasper (located roughly two hours east of Huntsville) as the official Butterfly Capital of Texas;

Jasper Map

HCR 76: Designated Poteet (located south of San Antonio) as the official Strawberry Capital of Texas for a 10-year period beginning in 2015;

Poteet Map

HCR 78: Designated “the Lone Star State” as the official nickname of Texas;

HCR 93: Designated Abilene (located roughly two hours west of Fort Worth) as the official Storybook Capital of Texas;

Abilene map

HCR 104: Designated #txlege as the official hashtag of the Texas Legislature; and

HCR 122: Designated the Texas Gulf shrimp as the Official State Crustacean of Texas.

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