The 84th Texas Legislative Session

by Lexi Gonzales* 

Texas’ 84th Legislative session ended on June 1st. This session, 6,276 bills were filed, of which only 1,323 were sent to Governor Abbott for his signature. Governor Abbott signed 1,117 of those bills, with an additional 2 more signed with a line-item veto. 163 bills were filed without his signature and 41 bills were vetoed. In total, only 1,282 proposed bills became law.

This session addressed some very important issues, such as gun control, border security, texting while driving, and others. You probably read a few articles online that popped up on your timeline or may have heard a bit about these topics on the news.

You might be wondering how many of those topics actually resulted in a passed law, but as college students, many of us are too busy to actively follow politics. With school starting up we are busy dealing with apartment and living situations, classes, textbooks, parking, work, or back to school shopping.

But how many of those 1,282 passed laws will affect you as a college student? Over the next few weeks we will be doing a series of blogs like this one, relating to bills just passed that will likely affect you. This will lead up to our big event,” 60 Laws in 60 Minutes,” which will cover 60 recently passed laws and how they affect you.

If you would like to do your own research over recent passed bills check out our other blog on how to use the Texas Online Legislature (TLO). TLO is the Texas Legislature’s search engine for the public. It allows any user to track, research, and read about proposed bills within the Texas Legislature. Listed below are a few useful links that you can use to familiarize yourself with new laws passed in the 84th Legislative Session.


If you have any questions, contact Student Legal & Mediation Services at (936) 294-1717 or e-mail at

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