Quiz: Is the Stop Constitutional?

police tape

By: Margaret Mitschke*


What are your rights when you are stopped by the police? The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), in association with Frontline, recently posted an article discussing the law of police stops.

Frontline asks, what exactly are the limits of the law, defined by the text of the Fourth Amendment (which is meant to protect against “unreasonable searches and seizures”), and Supreme Court rulings? Frontline describes different “scenarios,” which involve the details of some of the cases the Supreme Court has decided. After a description of the scenario, the reader is asked to decide: Based on the evidence, was the stop legal? Some of the scenarios include vehicle checkpoints, “suspicious” behavior, anonymous tips, and evidence found inside of vehicles.

Once the reader has selected their decision, Frontline responds with the correct answer, summarizes the specific Supreme Court case, and the Court’s reasoning behind its ruling.

To read the article and take the quiz, visit the Frontline article at:


polie stop article


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