Conflict Resolution Month Series

By: Cheyenne Moore*


What is Conflict Resolution Month?

Conflict Resolution Month is a dedicated time to raise awareness of the responsible ways to manage and resolve conflict in our communities and personal relationships. Student Legal and Meditation Services provides students, staff, and faculty with information promoting peaceful dispute resolution.


Why have Conflict Resolution Month?

Conflict exists in many areas of our lives, such as in the workplace, between family members, within personal relationships, or in an academic environment. Our office aims to provide students the opportunity to professionally and maturely handle conflicts. Bringing awareness to potential areas of conflict, as well as providing students with the necessary skillset to handling those disputes, allows for a more tolerable and peaceful community.



Interactive Mural:

On October 10th, Student Legal and Mediation Services will be in the Mall Area with an interactive mural. Students will be encouraged to participate in the mural by putting their handprint on the banner, with the different colors of paint representing different types of conflict.

Keynote Speaker:

On October 11th Student Legal and Mediation Services presents Brad Heckman, CEO of the New York Peace Institute. Brad brings a wealth of experience teaching people in many countries how to resolve conflicts peacefully. He has been featured as a TED presenter and his current work includes training NY Police Officers in conflict resolution techniques. For more information concerning our keynote speaker, please read our extended biographical blog post.

The Angry Employee:

On October 28th, Director of SLMS, Gene Roberts, and Executive Director of Counseling and Health Service, Drew Miller, will present, “The Angry Employee”. Even if you have never dealt with one in your career, chances are you will. The angry employee can create a toxic work environment, but mangers can learn the techniques needed to defuse anger at work. This session will teach managers some practical tools for dealing with the Angry Employee, personally, professionally, and if needed, legally. This event is Talent Management eligible, and will take place in the Lowman Student Center, Room 320, from 1:30-3:30pm.


What can I do?

By educating yourself on potential areas of conflict as well as gaining tools to peacefully and maturely handling those issues, students are more capable to independently and efficiently resolve conflicts. This can be done by attending Conflict Resolution Month events or consulting with the Student Legal and Mediation services mediator, Gene Roberts.

The office offers many tools and resources for student mediation as well as legal advice. If you have any questions concerning the resources our office offers, please contact our office by phone at (936) 294-1717, website at, email at, or visit us in the LSC, Room 330.

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