By: Cheyenne Moore *

Have you ever clung to the hope that someone in your class happened to have an extra? If you’ve ever experienced this, then you might have had Scantronphobia: the fear of not having a scantron.

It can happen to anyone. One wouldn’t think it would be so difficult to acquire such a small piece of paper. However, students that become busy with classes and activities tend to rank scantrons as a low priority. If you choose to buy scantron, it can be costly. With multiple classes comes multiple tests, and it adds up if you choose to buy them. Besides, who really wants to drop $10-15 per semester on scantrons?

Well lucky for you, you don’t. The office of Student Legal & Mediation Services believes that the students of Sam Houston State University should get a good investment for their time and money spent at the University. That’s why, alongside the variety of services the office offers to students, we also give away free scantrons. That’s right: FREE. Each student can obtain up to two scantrons a day by coming into our office. Just walk right in and politely ask for some.

Don’t get caught up in Scantronphobia, get your free scantrons from Student Legal & Mediation services in the LSC, Room 330.

If you have any questions about the resources our office offers, please contact us by phone at (936) 294-1717, or visit our website at, email at






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